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What Is Going On At Lafarge? 2024-05-30

Sometimes I see smoke coming from obviously large fires in western Quebec. Recently I got irritated about this and went looking to see if I could figure out where they are. Turns out, I am pretty sure the fires are at Lafarge Construction in Gatineau. This ridiculously ugly looking planet scar:

Screenshot from Google Maps of Lafarge's shitty construction site. Click for larger image.

So I did a bit of Bing-Fu and found a news story from a few years ago about someone at Lafarge being fired for putting nooses at someone's parking spot. I also found another news story from 2006 about a Lafarge employee that fell in to a hopper and died. The bottom of that article then links to another article from 2005 that says it wasn't the first time this happened! But wait, it gets worse. The 2006 article says at the bottom:

"This is such an unusual accident to start with. How can it happen twice, and how can it happen twice in the same city?" said David Guptill, Lafarge Canada's vice-president of human resources.

"The focus that's been on safety in the last five years borders on the obsessive," he added.

In 2002, another Lafarge employee survived after he was buried up to his neck in gravel for several hours in a hopper at a plant in Stittsville before he was freed.

But it DIDN'T happen twice... It happened FOUR TIMES! Here is a story from 2016 of the same shit! Lafarge... what the fuck are you doing? How the fuck is that an "obsessive focus on security"? Why are Lafarge employees falling in to construction equipment on an ongoing basis? Why wouldn't our local news outlets be looking in to this? Does this sound like the kind of corporation we should be trusting to do anything?

Photo of a fire over at Lafarge showing smoke trailing off for dozens of kilometers. Click for larger image.

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