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I'm Sorry, I Let You Down 2024-05-02

Today I saw a post on Mastodon by Dr. Leon Kums with a link to an article on about how Mastodon sometimes really hammers web sites when people post links. Now I don't like, but they're right about how Mastodon hammers sites. When I link to I see the immediate rush of hits in my logs... and I am not popular at all. When someone popular links to sites it must be a real swarm of hits to the web server. Enough to crush a little site like mine. What I really wanted was to be able to self-host my content and link to it on crappy social media, but that clearly doesn't work for everyone. While I might be generally unpopular, other people don't tend to want to exist that way.

Earlier today I made my own post, saying:

So where can I get an AI enhanced metal pipe I can use to Tonya the pinheads who insist on slapping the term AI on things that are not intelligent at all?
A screenshot of the OMY Cosmetics web site advertising their personalized skincare routine by SkinAI Jackassery.

Identifying "acne prone" areas of someone's skin and appying a particular "fix" to that area is hardly artificial intelligence. The problem is that there are plenty of people who love the AI bandwagon so much they would buy this shit... they'd buy any shit that has AI plastered on the side of it. AI toast. AI topsoil. AI anal plug. I find that pretty disappointing, and wanted to point out what a pinhead someone would have to be to buy in to the AI marketing hype.

The thing is, I didn't post my stupidity here and link to it. I just dumped it in Mastodon, because that is easier. Instead of manually editing some stupid text file with html tags, I just stuffed my witty comments in a text box and dragged my image in to my browser window. That is laziness, and I'm sorry I gave in to it. I'm not saying I won't fall victim to the same laziness again, just that I wish I wouldn't.

Oh, and fuck the AI hype.

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