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Finally, The Perfect Browser 2024-04-30

I recently saw a post on Mastodon with a link to an article about how Lennart Poettering is including something called run0 in the new version of systemd. The person who posted the link said:

This is like a bad supervillain movie where some maniac amasses greater and greater influence until he is ready to take over the world.

Sudo has a "large attack surface" and systemd does not ?

Really ?

In case it isn't clear, I am not a fan of systemd. I think it is a sprawling monster that wants to eat Linux. So, I [sarcastically] propose that we add browser functionality to systemd. I mean, as long as I am going to use it as an init system, a text editor, a media player, and a hypervisor... why not add browser to the list? As more applications migrate towards being sexed-up web pages, systemd-browser takes another step towards being an entire operating system. Super.

GNU and Linux are just a small part of the overall systemd operating system. Fuck systemd.

On a side note, I stole this image from somewhere on Reddit, but Reddit blocks me now because they do not like the network my VPN is on. So, fuck Reddit too.

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