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Can't Seem To Beat Proxmox 2024-02-20

Lately I have been homehosting my shit on Proxmox. It basically lets me chop my "server" in to smaller pieces, and each piece can hold/run its own operating system. That way I can have a normal server that has my web sites, a very up-to-date server that has my phone software and my Whoogle instance, and a Windows XP machine that runs my BBS. Yes, I know the BBS isn't ready yet, but the XP machine IS there. Anyways, there are a few things I kind of don't like about Proxmox. One is that every time I log in it begs me to buy a subscription, and another is that it runs on Debian but not Devuan. I realize there is little difference between the two, but it would be nice if I could run the same OS everywhere.

Pee Wee Herman giving two thumbs up Thanks Pee Wee.

Tonight I was farting around looking at Proxmox alternatives. I wouldn't consider a Microsoft based solution, I want to be able to manage virtual machines remotely, and I'd like tobe able to have both Linux and Windows guests. I have tried virt-manager in the past, but the bridged networking is a hassle and it really shouldn't be. Turns out, most other qemu based solutions (aqemu for example) seem to have the same problem. Now VirtualBox doesn't have that problem, but it is owned by Oracle, and they kind of suck. I looked at Ovirt, but it seems very RedHat centric. I tried Cockpit, but it depends on systemd. And of course, pigs like Citrix and VMWare's various products are not welcome on my home network.

So, here I am, still running Proxmox. Infer what you will.

Side note: this post is mostly meant to be a reminder to myself about what not to bother trying the next time I get tired of the Proxmox beg screen. Just sayin'.

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