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No More ULayer 2024-02-04

A few days back I got an email from ULayer telling me they'll be shutting down on February 24th. I guess they have been partially footing the bill for some of my pet projects for a while now, and I understand why they wouldn't want to keep on funding them forever. I am still disappointed of course, and wish there was an easy way to just make things continue as they are. But there ain't. I have moved some of my private services (like my Asterisk phone switch) to a server here at home, and have been looking for a replacement host... but keeping these services running is going to mean a significant price hike. Based on the donations I received over the years, I simply can't justify the cost. :-(

Random mandelbrot I stole from mastodon Go look up what a mandelbrot is.

So, unless someone comes along and offers to essentially finance the servers, and my mishka Devuan mirror will be gone before the end of the month. I'm quite sad to see them go but early retirement doesn't pay well. The time I have spent scrambling for a new host has given me a bit of a new perspective about how transient our digital lives are, how dependent we are on them, and how little people care about the infrastructure that hosts all of it.

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