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LibreWolf + URL Bar + Suggestions = Pain 2023-01-06

For starters... I do not like LinkedIn. So I do not want my browser suggsting that perhaps I'd like to go to the LinkedIn web site. In fact, I have their crappy web site blocked on my home network so I can't see it anyways. However, my browser [Librewolf] still insists on suggesting it for me.

A photo of Betty White saying "Fuck LinkedIn" Betty has got it goin' on.

I deleted my browing history. I went to Hamburger -> Settings -> Search - and disabled search suggestions. I disabled any related crap I could find in about:config. Still, LibreWolf thinks is a great place I might want to check out. It would be great if there was some way to get support for this, but my choices are:

In fact, I can't even search their gitlab issues unless I sign up for an account. I was able to list all 77 open issues and then search the page for the word "suggest", which found nothing. It sucks that something so obvious has to be so painful. All Betty wants is to be free of corporate douchebaggery like LinkedIn.

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