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Update: The Good Ending 2022-12-24

I must have been pretty tired when I wrote this. The ending I got was The Great Ending, not the good one. At least I got it right the second time around.

The Good Ending 2022-11-21

Sometimes I play a game called Eldritch. It is kind of a rabbit hole of lore. The idea is that the game is based on Lovecraftian style with an Infiniminer feel to it. Don't say Minecraft... that's garbage. Anyways, through the game there are a few "somewhat hidden" rooms that have very useless articles in them. If you collect all three useless articles (which makes the game harder because you have to unequip useful items to bring them) AND if you light all three of the "somewhat hidden" candles in the last level, then you get The Good Ending. If you miss any of the useless articles or miss any of the candles you'll only get a lesser ending. I have gotten the lesser endings before but decided tonight that I would work on The Good Ending.

thegoodending Eldritch: The Good Ending [Click for full size]

So here is my screenshot. You can see the three useless items in my inventory, the three candles icon at the far left, and the final book right in front of me. I guess I have played enough that I didn't find it too hard to accomplish, but it does take some time to seek out all the parts you need in order to get it. Since I don't play on Steam [nobody should] I don't get any cool achievments for doing fancy stuff, but it still feels like I won something.

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