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Frederick Dunn 2022-11-18

So, I bought a bee hive. Then Kneesus built me a couple more. Now they are sitting out in the woods at Snorkistan and I am hoping that the plethora of bees will move in on their own. Don't poopoo my idea, just shutup and wait to see what happens. Anyways, this is generally what they look like:

Snork's Hives Bzzz.

To go along with my relatively new interest in bees, has been a lot of video watching. The bee thing is really quite the deep rabbit hole of complexity, and there is a plethora [see link above] of information on them spattered across that famous video storage web site. Somewhat recently I found Frederick Dunn who has some bees and has some videos [almost a plethora] about bees. His FAQs about bees are packed full of helpful information, AND his information is not geared towards commercial wankers who are in beekeeping for the money. If you are a commercial goof, his videos may not really aply to you. And I like that. This is a minute of him talking about why he keeps bees.

On top of the non-corporate slant to his bee ranching, he also likes to keep his bees treatment-free. Rather than use poison to control things like mites and beetles he'd prefer to build up strong colonies that can survive and defend themselves from those things. Let the bees be bees... they have been around a long time and will probably be here for a long time to come. I wish I could get my hands on a winter-ready tough colony like his.

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