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John Freakin' Green 2022-09-27

If you have not gone down the rabbit hole of Crash Course videos, you have let yourself down. I think that they are educational and entertaining in a way that makes me think the Internet actually could be The Great Educator I had hoped it would become back in the early 90's. I know it isn't, but the videos are awesome... and I would dare say that this might be one of the best descriptions of "life" that I have ever heard. It has an eloquence about it that should make you stop and think about what you have done in exactly the way your dad wanted you to stop and think about things when he sent you to your room. Anyways, shutup... it is less than a minute and is well worth the watch.

On a somewhat crappy note... the validator [see link at top] has now started warning that self closing tags is discouraged. I'm not really a stickler for those kinds of rules but... well, maybe I am. I am gonna have to spend some time fixing that on all of my old posts. I'll likely just use sed to do it, but it'll be a bit of a hassle. :-(

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