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Even More4Less Crap! 2022-09-18

Back in 2020 I had a sketchy SIM card from a sketchy character who was essentially selling American SIMs (and AT&T service) here in Canada, which I assume AT&T wouldn't approve of. Not that I care what AT&T likes, it's just that they could cut off the service at any time and that would suck. The guy branched off in to selling other junk like VPN service bundles and streaming TV bundles... which I would guess are not formally agreed upon wholesale products. Anyways, when I switched my SIM to a different phone as a test the service went down and I could not find a functional way to contact this guy. So I disputed the charge with my credit card company. Buddy got all pissed and sent me emails which I could not reply to... so eventually I got my money back (for like a couple of months of service) but obviously had to go find another provider. More4Less Plans was a miserable failure to say the least.

more4lesssucks Wanker.

Well don't worry folks, this guy is still at it. He sent me an unsolicited bulk email message (sometimes known as spam) telling me I could become an affiliate (also known as shill). Here is generally what it says in plain text without HTML rendering:



Hey Name Removed

Have you enjoyed our service? Would you consider selling it?
If so, we will send you monthly cash for every person you refer to our service!

There is no cost to become an affiliate seller -withno limit to how much you can earn!

Become a Seller []

- The More4Less Team

PS: If you are not interested, please ignore us and accept our apologies for bugging you. Reply with unsubscribe to be removed
from our email list.

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Hey More4Less Plans, no. No I would not like to EARNCASH by selling your sketchy SIM cards. No I would not like to ignore customers who have support problems that need fixing. No I would not like to send threatening emails to people who dispute charges for service they didn't get and had no way to contact me about. No I would not like to be a complete sellout. Seriously folks, if you are considering getting a More4Less Plan, try contacting him first and then see what you think.

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