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Walmart Bruises 2022-08-05

As you may have heard, I already have a shitty relationship with Walmart. Well, I made a bad decision and went back. I even ordered something from a third party seller. It was some cups. Small plastic children's drinking cups. Four of them. They were about six bucks. I bought them so I could use them to make large ice cubes. You see, I have some land out in the woods somewhere and if I have my drink coolers filled with mostly ice then my drinking water will stay cold longer. Simple huh?

220803_210313_fedex_invoice Douchebags.

Perhaps not. I got an invoice from FuckEx who I assume delivered the package to me. You see, FuckEx figures I should pay them about twenty four bucks for delivering the six dollar cups. I mean what asshole thinks that is even remotely reasonable? So I called Walfart, and I waited on hold. It didn't take very long because Walfart is one of those organizations that likes to make their phone number hard to find on their website. It helps keep call volumes down. That doesn't stop them from having an Interactive Voice Recording saying that they are experiencing higher than usual call volumes. I mean seriously, to everyone who has a voice message saying that... fuck off. At some point [literally YEARS down the road] it is no longer fair to say that the current volume of calls is higher than normal. It is now normal, and you are too cheap to pay enough people to answer calls. Anyways, the totally inexperienced little fellah who answered my call only put me on hold a few times to go ask "someone who knows" and finally returned with the answer "Just ignore the letter from FuckEx". Walfart and FuckEx, you suck. I guess all I can do is wait and see if FedEx tries to fuck over my credit rating for being delinquent on the funds I owe them, even if it is four times what the product cost.

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