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LarryDelong: A Dark Theme For Roundcube 2022-07-08

As you may have heard, the options for a decent desktop email client are miserable. As a result, I have been mostly using Roundcube webmail client lately. I figure since I have my browser open anyways I may as well just use a tab for my email, rather than running a separate application. By default Roundcube [I am using v1.5.1] comes with the Larry skin which is obviously pretty white. I went looking for a nice dark theme but came up empty handed for some reason. Perhaps my Startpage-Fu isn't as great as I think it is. I found a pay option and I found a skin that didn't work for me, but I didn't wind up with a dark theme.

So, kind of recently, I got irritated enough to start fiddling with the CCS in the default Larry skin. I made what I would consider to be a dark-ish theme that has also slightly larger font sizes. Here's basically what it looks like:

larrydelong Larry Delong.

I named it LarryDelong after Randolph Scott's character in the 1954 western Riding Shotgun... and as a nod to the original Larry skin of course. To use it, download the zip file at the bottom of this page, and unzip it in your "skins" directory in your Roundcube installation. It will create a larrydelong directory, with the contents of the skin inside it. Then go in to your account and select the new theme. If you are feeling adventurous I guess you can also go in to your config.ini.php file and set it as your default skin too.

You can now find the LarryDelong theme here at my GitHub repo

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