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More Fediverse 2022-06-01

Someone recently emailed me to tell me about Honk in response to my activitypub disapointment post. It got me off my ass and I found myself looking through this list of activitypub capable frameworks (including Honk of course). Basically I just want (1) something that allows me to post a few witty sentences and usually a photo of some kind (2) the ability to follow other people's similar posts and (3) no unreasonable requirements. I figured I would try a bunch of them... here's what happened:


Unreasonable requirements. ie: An SQL database server, Composer for PHP dependency management, Git for fetching updates, and Redis for in-memory caching and background task queueing


I like the look of this one, and could almost forgive the database requirement, but the idea is to be able to run this on a small VPS and MySQL is simply too fat. Besides, it doesn't really play well with ActivityPub.


Makes too much of itself invisible. Install deno (A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript), install the Minipub CLI, use magical commands that do the actual install and running of Minipub, ignore the guy behind the curtain, don't look inside the black box. Besides, it seems to be specifically for podcasts.


Looks incomplete and has not been updated in a half year. I realize that really isn't terribly long, but it looks like it just isn't being updated anymore. It is also severely lacking documentation, including how to install it.


One of those frameworks that splits up the backend and frontend, very docker specific, instructions use git (though I assume you could download and extract it), it provides default logins on the domain, and the documentation for a non-docker install doesn't seem to exist.


Just doesn't exist, their web site says: "Coming soon"


Uses ActivityPub, but only interacts with itself.


Requirements: Rust (assume it only compiles with the latest stable), PostgreSQL (9.5+ should be fine), and Git (build-time dependency; see


Appears to be a work in progress. I am also thinking of adding "hosted on github" as an undesireable property of these frameworks.


Project says "This project is in active development and should not be used in production." and it appears to be docker-only.


Description says "is still under active design and not yet ready for mainstream usage" and requires cargo, and has not been touched in a year.


No frontend or documentation


You probably don't want to use this, yet. Federation is WIP, etc. requires rust, postgres, and sass []


Uhhm v1から、インストールメソッドにsystemdとDockerとを選べるようにしました。 I'll let this one go.


Misskey based, and although I can read some of the documentation, it ain't much.


Although they list the server requirements, they actually didn't bother to include Postgres in the list. It also needs build-essential, git, python3/pip, yarn, and redis. Might want to update that list eh.


First line of the docs says "It’s recommended to install GoBlog using Docker (Compose)."


Tried to install but it just didn't work. Has not been worked on in 3 years.


Apache only, MySQL, git (not mentioned in requirements section), rust (not mentioned in requirements section)


Appears to be an essentially unmodified fork of roadhouse


Appears to be an essentially unmodified fork of roadhouse


This github hosted project requires that crystal be installed in order to build it... sorry, not on a web server.


This github hosted project is a fork of Misskey and requires Node.js >= 11.7.0, PostgreSQL >= 10, Redis, and git (not mentioned in requirements section).


Right up front it says "Still in early development/I do not recommend to run an instance yet." - I wish people would not add incomplete applications to application lists (or at least clearly identify the ones that need developers as opposed to being usable). Anyways, it needs build-essential, whatever libs they didn't mention, and python 3.7+.


Near as I can tell it requires installing Go on the web server, which I'm not doing. I guess I could install and build the binary on some other machine, then copy it over, but that just doesn't seem like the way to manage a web application.

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