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ActivityPub Fail 2022-05-27

I tried to like ActivityPub, I really did. I obviously can't stand the large corporate social media web services, but the federated services and frameworks I found were just awful. I liked how GNU Social looks, but it has all kinds of problems connecting to non-GNU Social sites. Pleroma is an installation shitfest. Hubzilla works well and has lots of other features but completely barfed when I tried to move it to a new server. I even tried a Mastodon account on someone else's server today but (1) it is a pig and (2) even it couldn't connect to some accounts on other servers. Vague error messages that do not actually describe the problem or connections which seem to work only sometimes make this crap unusable.

Merrygold! Killin' me.

The worst part is that I just wanted a quick and easy way to pump out short posts like this one with a stupid photo, and that's it. The ability for others to "follow" me is a bonus, but frankly nobody cares what I am doing or what I have to say, so it is of pretty limited use. How is it that in 2022 the best way to push out content quickly is still Wordpress? What a miserable statement about the quality of application development. :-(

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