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I'm A Bell Canada Customer 2022-04-05

I have some land I bought in a rural area, and I was of course wanting to have some Internet access there. The problem is that corporate stooges never ran any cables to the area, so I am stuck with something wireless. There's a local wireless [unknown type] provider in the area, but their site doesn't even say what the speed of their service is and it is line of sight which is probably going to be costly when they tell me to install an antenna tower. As it turns out a friend recently came with me to do a speed test on his Bell phone... and it was pretty quick. So I came home, searched around, swore a few times, and finally stuffed my head up my ass and ordered directly from Bell. I am hoping to find someone reselling Bell service later for cheaper, but am not holding my breath.

Funny side note: during the ordering process I had to agree to some terms of service and I came across something I thought was pretty funny in a sad way. Here's what their terms say about "content":

36. Can Bell use my content?

To provide Bell Services, Bell may need to use, copy, adapt, transmit, display, publish and perform, distribute and create compilations and derivative works from your content. By agreeing to receive the Bell Services, you waive your moral rights and you authorize Bell to perform these activities in relation to your content anywhere in the world, solely as required for Bell to provide you the Bell Services. You acknowledge that Bell may store your content so you can access such content, but that if you fail to access such content within a certain period of time (as determined by Bell), or if the applicable Bell Service is cancelled, Bell may delete such content without notice to you.

This doesn't make sense in a way because of course if I am very unlikely to provide content TO Bell, ever... but are they trying to say that if I upload an image to they have permission to do whatever they wish with my content because it passed through their network? They also seem to be saying that any content I send through their network can be stored by them. Am I way off the mark here and this is supposed to apply to other services and not necessarily mobile service? Well, it can hardly apply to television or home phone. If it is supposed to apply to home internet, then almost certainly they would want to apply the same rules to their mobile data plans. What a weird thing to put in there where they know nobody will read it.

donaldjones I feel creepy.

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