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Shocked Millennials 2022-03-01

I guess I should start by saying I do not know if these people are actually millennials or if they are some other shocked generation. To be honest I am not convinced it matters, I will probably blame millennials anyways. With that out of the way... have you ever noticed that an uncomfortably high percentage of youtube thumbnails show millennials being astonished often by the most mundane of things? Seriously, just do a search for almost anything and scroll through the results to find images like these:


This is not cherry picking. This shit is so easy to find. What is funny [and sad], is that this shocked look has spilled over [pun intended] in to the world of pr0n. Thumbnails that make you imagine there should be a caption that says

Oh my! I wasn't expecting that to go in there!

What I find astonishing is that there are people who make a decent [or better than decent] living gasping like that. Just a big ol' bucket of disappointment in humans. I guess I'll go back to work in the factory and dream of a world without black lungs. This post is also meant to be a bit of a test. You see, I have relocated my web site to a small Devuan virtual machine, on a Windows 7 host running VirtualBox on an old HP Elitebook 2760p, which is hidden behind a VPS via a Wireguard virtual private network through a 6Mbit residential DSL connection, and I want to see if it will still perform reasonably well even with a bunch of photos. We will soon see.

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