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Just Disappointment 2022-01-23

This morning I was feeling disappointed. Not disappointed in me, disappointed in others. So when I sat down to have my breakfast I did a video search for "disappointment" and the results that turned up were almost entirely about being disappointed with one"s self. Well, that's not me, so I did another search for "I'm not disappointed in me, I am disappointed in YOU" and still, the bulk of the results were about people disappointed in themselves. That is, except for the first three, which are about people specifically NOT disappointed in others!

freakindisappointed Click for full size.

Does nobody feel disappointed in others? Does nobody have any integrity or testicular fortitude? I frequently find myself seeing work that others have done and thinking "I'd be ashamed to put my name on that work". Am I the only one? Or does nobody else care? Do I ever fuck up? Sure. It is because I simply prefer to do a half ass job but still expect full pay? No. I just suck at some things. Like marketing and html/css. It doesn't stop me from doing them, but then again I'm not getting paid for them either. I tried watching this wanker's video but (a) he clearly thinks people are talking about disappointment in himself and (b) anybody who says "reach another level of sort of the conscious plane" is just making shit up. I don't need to feel better about myself, I just need humans to suck less.

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