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Happy Birthday 2021-10-18

A quick whois lookup on this domain will tell you that it was registered twenty years ago today. It'll also tell you who my registrar is, which DNS servers serve this domain, and the fact that it is DNSSEC signed. Things have changed plenty around here over the years, though perhaps not as much as some other sites. is still not popular, and either am I... but I hope it at least brings the occasional enjoyment to the poor folks who find it via some ridiculous search terms.

myfreakinimage Spooky?

Lately I have been neglecting in favour of another site I am filling with content. I started tractoring to clear some of the land I bought to prepare for a driveway. Hopefully some day I'll have a house there and will disappear in to the woods for good. Hopefully I won't get dragged in to an abyss of municipal bullshittery and corporate wankery, stalling out my plans indefinitely. Hopefully the millennials will let me go away peacefully. Wish me luck.

Seriously, nobody should celebrate birthdays, but it does feel like kind of a milestone doesn't it?

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