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Microsoft Sucks So Bad 2021-07-17

Whenever an email is sent, the receiving mail server (or receiving mail system) has to decide whether it is spam or not. Based on that decision... it may delete the message, mark the message and pass it to the recipent, or just pass it to the recipient unchanged. When Microsoft receives a message addressed to my mailbox I do not know what they do, but "checking to see if it is spam" doesn't seem to be part of their design. Seriously, look at this:

Hi Customer,
We need to collect some identity information from you in order to comply
with new financial regulations. Verifying the identity of our customers
helps ensure that everyone can continue to use our products and
services in a safe and secure way. We appreciate your help with this
If you don't verify your identity by 18 July 2021, your account
will be limited to withdrawals and you won't be able to use
Coinbase for buying, selling, converting, and receiving crypto.
You will still be able to withdraw your crypto assets until 21 July
2021, after which you'll need to verify your identity to continue
using your account for transacting.

Verify Identity

Thank you,
The Coinbase Team

This message has a parade of headers but a quick glance gives me the impression it was sent from a Microsoft Azure server, to Google (Gmail), who subsequently delivered it to Microsoft's public facing mail servers which couldn't put two and two together. Microsoft Azure is basically Microsoft's crappy service of renting out server resources. They offer a free trial or something and the spammers get a bunch of servers that they use for spam distribution until they get blacklisted at which time they move on to the next free trial server. Google let it go through because it is from such a fine upstanding organization (Microsoft) that they'd obviously never allow spam to be delivered from their IP addresses. The most frustrating part is that Microsoft frequently will ban mail from small-time admins because... well, because it suits their needs. Assholes.

myfreakinimage Fuck you guys.

The image above is Paul Harrell. He has a lot of awesome videos on his youtube channel, and if you have not seen it, you are missing out. I hope he wouldn't mind me using his likeness to insult Microsoft.

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