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Miserable 2021-02-28

People are just plain awful. I lived a somewhat isolated life for a while [about 16 years] and am now surrounded by jackasses on a daily basis. It isn't so much that they are stupid or incapable... they're just inconsiderate, self entitled, and lazy. It's mostly a collection of little things rather than one big one, but they sure do add up. For example, somewhere along the way it became perfectly acceptable to just drive up to someone's residence and honk your horn to announce your presence. I don't know when that became acceptable, but it sure seems to be the default way to announce one's self.

Another example is grocery pickup service. You select a "time slot" of a one hour window and then are supposed to show up to pick up your groceries at that time. Complicated huh? Yet it is definitely not uncommon for me to arrive at my designated time slot and still wait a half hour for them to bring the groceries out to the car. Now I am an old man who has nothing better to do with his time, but the last time this happened the guy in the car next to me was waiting at least as long as I was - and with two small kids in the car. Shit, that's like having to wait in the car with a rabid monkey for that long! Poor fertile bastard.

Need more? How about the fact that it is perfectly normal to be out in a large tractor smashing the snow blade on ground and wailing its backup beeper at midnight? Even though it hasn't snowed in two days? Happens all the time. Strangely nobody seems overly bothered by the relentless racket produced by people not really accomplishing anything. It's all just part of life. The shitty, worthless, empty life that nobody would notice if it were snuffed out. What a disappointment. What a complacent loser of a disappointment.

Maybe some Burl Ives will make it worthwhile.

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