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Screw OpenOffice 2021-02-02

An "office suite" is a collection of applications that do "office stuff". You know, stuff like a word processor and a spreadsheet editor. I have [in the past] typically used LibreOffice for my office suite needs but it seems to have become bloated over the years and still requires Java for some functionality. So I don't have an office suite at all these days. Whatever, I guess there is some crap I was just not meant to do.

mg Duuuur.

Today I was paying attention to the #devuan room on Freenode when I saw someone mention OpenOffice, also known as ooo or open office org. It is made by Apache, the name is lame, and I haven't tried it in years. I asked in the IRC room if it still required JRE and was told no. I then asked if individual components (word processor and spreadsheet) could be installed without the rest and was told "I don't know". So I downloaded the .deb packages and did a little more surfing while it downloaded. Turns out I found this link on their wiki and this forums post that basically say that installing only some components "often leads to problems". Well, that's a dealbreaker. Screw you ooo.

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