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SEO Sucks 2021-01-04

This morning I received an email from that said:


Your website is not ranking well on Google?

I can help you in putting your website on the Google top page and getting more customers Guaranteed.

Please let me know if you are interested. I will send you a proposal for your website.

Juli Singh

It was delivered to my mail server from [] and appears to have actually been sent via Microsoft's free email system. I'd call it spam. In fact, it is pretty disappointing that Microsoft would be the source of spam... especially since they have been flagging mail from small email admins as spam for years. And by years, I mean decades. Of course it was just some wanker who signed up for a free email address and then started sending mail to anyone who publishes their email address on their web site. Microsoft has no reason to think it is spam right?

The underlying problem (in this case) is that SEO exists as an industry at all. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The idea is that if you do certain things to your web site then it'll float to the top of Google's search results. People pay to have wankers like "Juli" tell them the secrets to getting to the top of Google's rankings. I'll tell you the secret right now... for free.

Be rich.

aquarium It just sucks to see what some things have become.

That's right, all you have to do is be rich and without having to pay Juli anything at all you'll find yourself soaring to[wards] the top of Google's rankings. Don't worry, it'll happen. Bah! This shit just disappoints me. At least it was a good excuse to put in a photo update for Mike.

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