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Stop With The Shitty Services! 2020-08-05

So, I got my hands on an old Mac. A Mac Pro 1.1 specifically. These things were made around 2006, came with dual Xeon processors, room for lots of memory (this one has 6GB), and a pretty lame video card. It isn't a beast by today's standards but I hoped I could find some use for it. Sadly, I didn't. Turns out it steadily draws around 300W of power and makes a fair bit of fan noise. The fact that it has two NICs is nice, but who would want a 300W router? Even as a web server it is a failure since it couldn't serve pages up any faster than my Banana Pi at less than 10W of power. As a result, I decided it would be best to see if I could give it away for free rather than dump it in a landfill. A task that is much harder than I had first hoped.

Since I had already jammed Linux on the thing I thought it might be nice if I could put MacOS back on it to encourage someoen to take it off my hands ofr $0. I downloaded an ISO, burned it off and got an error message telling me that the files required could not be downloaded. I found some folks claiming that simply changing the computer's date before running the install would work, but it doesn't. Eventually I ended up finding a YouGoob video that had links to a full pre-installed disk image that I could just dd on to the drive. The description of the video has download links on Google Drive and, so I figured there was a good chance I wouldn't find dead links (since nobody deletes crap from those sites).

Which brings me to the point. The file I am looking for is about 11GB in size, whic may not be a big deal for you but for a goof on crappy 6MBit DSL it is an overnight download. Yesterday Google Drive was giving me some hassle so I just started the download, even though I cringe at the thought. Today I woke up to a dead download and had to start over. After hours of downloading (33% of the download) I got this awesome message from Mega: Assholes.

I am reasonably sure that timer started at one hour, and that is a pretty shameless beg for money. So I figured I should at least try the Google Drive link again, which got me this:

screw-you-gdrive Assholes.

Please don't use or Google Drive. These wankers are seriously not interested in providing you with services, they are interested in making money. Of course they are. There are better services out there and they are not hard to find. Still can't find what you need? Ask me for fuck sake and I'll tell you. Free! Without ads! Without signing up for an account! Withou... bah, fuckers.

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