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Canada's 2020 Gun Ban Myths 2020-07-26

In early may, the Canadian government decided they wanted to ban guns that they consider to be very powerful and guns that are intended to make the user look like a cool army guy. As a result, a bunch of gun models were reclassified as prohibited. Then social media was flooded with total bullshit about it. I got irritated and decided to make a post to explain some of the myths and bullshit being spread. Most of these are right out of a recent Facebork post.

gun goof Don't remember where I stole this.
Bill Blair literally said shotguns were not being banned... But the RCMP said they legally measure a bore before choke installation and basically that's the issue causing all the problems. My 12 gauge is over. My browning gold 10 is over. I measured them with calipers.

The RCMP did not say they measure bore "before choke installation". The RCMP said that the measurement used to determine the bore of a shotgun is to be taken between the action and the choke. 12 gauge and 10 gauge shotguns not specifically listed on the RCPM's list are not prohibited.

There are no fully automatic in civilian hands.

It is my understanding that fully automatic weapons were classified prohibited in 1977's Bill C-51 and that current owners of such weapons holding a valid prohibited license could still own those guns today. If someone has a source showing otherwise I would like to hear about it.

All the firearms deaths are by people in Toronto linked to drugs and gangs with weapons from China and the states.

This is just stupid. The idea that zero firearm deaths in Canada are the result of anything else is ridiculous.

A 20mm bore is only a 12 gauge. There are lots of legitimate reasons a hunter would require a gauge larger than a 12.

Actually 12 gauge is 18.53mm and 10 gauge is 19.69mm. Neither 12 gauge nor 10 gauge are prohibited. I can't think of "lots of reasons" a hunter would require anything more than 10 gauge.

Assault rifles were prohibited in Canada long before the Liberals imposed there ban. They want complete civil disarmament. They have added new guns to the list including shotguns and bolt action rifles.

Political parties have essentially nothing to do with it, and almost nobody wants complete civil disarmament. Do you really think any government would choose to eliminate all civil gun ownership by going through the thousands upon thousands of gun models and listing them individually? The shotguns and bolt action rifles that have been added to the list were put there mostly because of bore size and being ridiculous. This rifle and this shotgun are clearly intended to appeal to people who are enthousiastic about guns in an inappropriate way.

You can't hang a gun on your wall.

Sure you can. The RCMP rules on firearm display are clear. The rules are different for non-restricted and restricted/prohibited, but they are not hard to meet.

Those damned Liberals didn't follow the proper democratic process of parliament.

No legislation was changed, and your government has the ability to reclassify firearms whenever they like without public input.

Over 4500 Canadian firearms outlets are now left with 100s of thousand of dollars of worthless equipment. They are also estimating at least 10000 jobs gone.

I can't possibly see any way to justify the continuation of a business that specifically sells so many cool guy guns that they would be out of business without them. See next comment for their inventory.

Businesses now have huge inventories of guns they can't sell and will lose lots of money as a result.

There will be a buyback program to pay owners of the newly prohibited guns and retailers will have the option of exporting them. I'm also skeptical that any gun business has huge inventories of these guns. I promise, Cabelas is probably bigger than any store being referred to in these comments and their inventory is so low that it always seems like you have to wait for them to ship it to your local store regardless of what kind of gun you are buying.

The law is subjective to "hard to break into". Why would a glass case be ok, but you are suppose to Bolt down your safe?

There is no requirement to bolt down gun safes.

This change turned millions of law-abiding Canadians in to criminals

There has been an amnesty on all of these guns for legal gun owners right from the start.

I'll add more later

Seriously, I'll add more later.

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