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So Tired Of Spam 2020-06-30

Much of the last few days has been an exercise in receiving spam. My insurance company just HAD to tell me about their client portal web site[1]. My electrical utility company used the sleazy mail delivery organization Mailchimp to tell me that I can "lower my home energy use, increase my savings - for good" by purchasing some crap at my local big box store, and felt the need to educate me about "The 5 things I need to know to use the Explorer". Sure, none of these things are dick pills or some lady named Tatianna who needs a plane ticket to Canada, but they are still shit that sells their own product... and I never asked to hear about any of them.

rusrs Are you serious?

Now some folks might say that I could just click oin the unsubscribe links in each email to stop getting those messages... but that's not good enough. It's a bigger question of how corporations treat people's contact information, and the answer is crap. Every one of those corporations is already making money off me, and the emails they are sending out is just an "almost free" way of trying to increase the amount of money they are making off me. Instead of treating me like a customer, they are treating me like a sucker who has already bought in to their shitty game and who just might buy in a little deeper if they can just push me in to it. Well bite me.

Instead of clicking unsubscribe, I call companies about this garbage all the time. I already whined at my insurance company and am waiting to hear back from the electrical utility company (also known as provincial government). The blockchain one just arrived and I only quickly looked at their web site which appears to have no contact information. I wish people would take the time to hassle these wankers. I know it seems easier to unsubscribe every week or two from every wanker or two, but it is not going to thin out. It'll only get worse, until it reaches a point where there wouldn't be enough time in a day to start calling them out on it. Bah, what an empty sack of shit.

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