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What's Up With ATV Racks? 2020-06-15

A while back I bought a new four wheeler. I just got tired of having little mechanical crap to fix on the old one and wanted something that "just worked" when I needed it to. The old one still works [I gave it to a buddy who likes wood], it's just that ya gotta fiddle witht he choke (which sticks) sometimes, and the battery isn't so tough anymore so it needs a boost occasionally. Anyways, I got a new one... and while looking for one to buy I noticed that most ATV's these days have crappy small racks. The old Suzuki had nice big racks that I could strap all kinds of stuff to. It seems most folks don't use ATV's for doing work anymore, they prefer to buy big fat fancy UTV machines for that. Who needs racks when you have a mini truck bed back there eh?

atvracks vroom vroom.

So being cheap, I decided to make a toolbox of sorts for my back racks. I used pallet wood, and bolted it right to the top of the puny rear racks. It can hold crap like my chainsaw, flux-core welder, shovel, or extra pants... and if it ever gets damaged I probably won't care. Besides, it reminds me of the crate in The Secret Of Monkey Island. So, was that so hard? Why would manufacturers remove one of the main features of their product? Why would people keep buying them like that? Who's idea was it to make the racks smaller? Does it look cool or something? Bah! Humans!

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