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You Thought I Was Exaggerating 2020-06-11

Not too long ago I made a post about a recent trip to town during which some wanker passed me on a stretch of road where there is no passing. I don't go to town much anymore... I haven't really gone to town much in the last eight or so years. Yet here we are:

douche2-eh @@=====>>

This is the same stretch of road, and a different wanker. While I don't typically race around like I have a five year old about to piss in the back seat of my Hummer, I don't really lollygag either. These are just people who are clearly more important than us riffraff. While posting yet another wanker photo may seem repetitive, it is nothing compared to the literally hundred or so photos of being passed I have taken along this stretch of road when I used to commute to work. The point is not even to complain that it happened to me (or in one pathetic case, the school bus) - the point is that humans are garbage. As a wise man once said to me... "Bring on the zombie apocalypse!".

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