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Some Folks Just Suck 2020-06-08

I admit, I don't go past the stop sign much, and I like it that way. I already don't much care for humans and it ain't gettin' any better. Though I did notice [during my not-so-frequent trips past the stop sign] that a month or two ago people were almost calm. Like a sort of zen fell over the driving masses and they just decided to stop being such pricks. People [not just drivers] generally seemed to take it down a notch and the world outside of my little universe seemed almost tolerable.

douchedriver Douche.

Then people got bored. They couldn't be happy with a full government salary and maintained benefits while having to do even less work while staying home. They had no bars to go to, no sporting events to yell at, and no $200 meals to enjoy at some restaurant they can brag about having been to. All the stuff that makes them better than [or at least more important than] other people was gone and they had no way to exert their superiority over others. Except maybe home renovations.

Construction, renovation, and home junk stores are not doing so poorly. There is a neighbourhood dirt, gravel, and rock business up the road from me that has a lineup of cars waiting for various fill materials. Construction levels are so bad that the municipality had to request that people cut back on their garbage at the curb.

To help our waste collection operators complete their daily routes in a timely manner, during COVID-19, we ask residents to limit what they are placing at the curb.

It seems folks are just not happy unless they are pissing someone off. ☹

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