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Oh, How Far We Have Come 2020-06-06

Recently I was at a friend's place, and while I made dinner, she walked Merrygold. One of her neighbours commented on how I must be lazy since I am not willing to walk my own dog. Well, maybe that's just the attitude you get in the projects. Anyways, since then I have been kind of wondering just how far we have walked. So why not do the math eh?

merrydump720 Much better.

A typical walk for us is about 2km, and we walk twice a day. Every day. Remember back in the winter when it was -30something°C? We were out there. Remember a few years back you went on that awesome vacation? Yeah, we were out there. Remember the tornado back in 2018? Yeah, we were out there. We haven't missed a day in over eight years. So... 8 years times 365 days is a total of 2920 days. Multiply that times 4km per day and you get 11680km. Except that in the summer time it is too hot for Merrygold, so we don't go as far, but we go three or four times a day. Ultimately I figure we do 4.5km per day [in shorter bursts] in the summer which is at least 120 days. So 120 times 0.5km extra is another 60km per summer. Now multiply that times 8 summers, and you get another 480km on the total... bringing it to a little over 12,000km of walking.

To put that in to perspective, that is the equivalent of walking from Ottawa, Ontario to Austin, Texas.

And back.


No wonder my feet are killin' me.

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