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The End Is In Sight: LSoA 2020-06-01

In case you didn't know, I play a fair bit of Guild Wars. I started back in about 2005 and am still pluggin' away at it today. In Guild Wars players can get titles for their characters, most of which are just for bragging rights, although a few do have an effect on the game when you display them. The game also has a tutorial area for each of the three games, and the tutorial area for the first game is separated from the "real game" by an event - so you can never return once you complete the quest that exits the tutorial. So some folks like to keep a character in this tutorial area forever. The event is called The Searing and the tutorial area is referred to as Pre-Searing. The area actually has some of the best music and scenery in the whole series. It feels like a "simpler time" but can still require a lot of work to accomplish some of the things you can do there.

One of the accomplishments that has only been available since 2011 is to obtain the title of Legendary Survivor. Previous to 2011 there was simply no way to accumulate the required experience points, but with the addition of Lt. Langmar it can be done. The problem is that it can take a very long time. Only using Langmar's quest rewards takes about four years to get the title. The process can be sped up by farming the higher level foes but that can be much more dangerous than just the quests, especially if you have a crappy Internet connection like mine. I have slowly been picking away at the title on a character named Legendary Mo Fo and am finally getting close. I have less than 100,000 experience points to go and if all goes well I should be able to get it by early August some time.

gw001 Legendary Mo Fo.

As far as I know there are only two other people who have ever acheived the title. One of them is Stansy, who happens to be in my alliance. We actually got r2 at about the same time but he was able to power his way through the rest of the experience quite quickly by doing Hamnet runs. I am really looking forward to finishing the title but suspect that I won't have much to do in Guild Wars once it is complete. I may consider switching to playing Minetest or maybe even Runescape if I can find a machine to run it on (the client won't run on 32 bit Linux or 64 bit XP). Any other long-term games you can think of?

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