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Photo: Bug Bites 2020-06-01

I have a Facebork account, not bragging... just saying. Anyways, I frequently prattle on about how people should post their content on non-wanker type services, and then link to the content on their favourite social media platform. This gives you the ability to still share stuff with your "friends" without having to give social media giants rights to use your content. So, I stole this from a post I saw on facebork and put it here. Now I can see it anytime I like without asking Mark Peckerberg if he thinks I should also look at some ads while I am at it. Here you go folks, ad-free access to the same content! You're welcome.

bites A Few kinds of bug bites.

I should mention that I stole this pic from the facebork post and resized it. I'd love to give credit to whoever made it but don't really know who that is. If you know, then tell me and I'll give credit.

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