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Shit, I am a coin miner 2020-05-21

I still don't think digital coins are currency. Sure you can trade them for some things, but I can also trade cheeseburgers for some things, and I wouldn't call cheeseburgers currency. Ultimately there are some folks on this planet who:

Anyone who wants digital coins to be the only currency is essentially saying that those folks shouldn't be able to purchase food, water, or shelter. You selfish whore. Shame on you. Anyways, much of what you can buy with digital coins is online crap like virtual private servers or web hosting. I in fact rent a couple of VPS's for my DNS servers. That is [part of] why I decided to try out the stupid coin mining crap. Well, that and the fact that I got a free MAC Pro "Quad Core" which I don't seem to be able to find a use for. If I can get some version of MacOS installed on this thing again, or a 64 bit version of Ubuntu, then I might be able to run the stupid mining software on it. I also have a few laptops [well, PARTS of laptops] that I am not using, and if I can come up with a few power bricks then I'll run those too.

destituteguy You think a bank would let this guy in?

Ultimately I am not looking to trade digital coins, or get rich running some software on a few old machines... I just want to slowly scrape up enough imaginary value to pay for a virtual machine where I can run Minetest or my mail server. Nothing big, just looking to drop one of my expenses. However, when I do get rich from it, I'll be back here right away to slag you guys for makin' fun of me!

Yes, part of the reason for this whole post was just so I could drop a pic of Mike havin' fun in the woods with his wood. Wink.

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