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Bite Me Github 2020-04-17

Git is an application that programmers use to manage the source files of the applications they make. It gives them the ability to manage versions of their software as well as allow multiple people to access/modify to the code. Github is an online interface to Git which allows people to use Git via a pretty web page. It also provides for account creation and management as well as the access control lists that come with it. It provides an interface for manging suport issues and gives developers an easy way to make wikis for their projects. Microsoft is a douchebag company that bought Github in 2018. I am sure soem people are concerned that Microsoft bought it in order to somehow screw with other people's work, but I imagine it is mostly so they can have easy access to shitloads of source code and the people who make it. Unfortunately all of it sucks.

duurrr Nice.

Since application development environments generally suck as bad as Linux desktop environments I obviously have no use for Git. Since Github is an information collection utility I definitely do not want to use it. Since the dnscrypt-proxy and dnscrypt-wrapper projects are hosted on Github I kind of feel like I am stuck using it to some degree. Since Microsoft are wankers... well, people still seem to like them. Bah. Anyways, I recently received this email from Github:

We introduced a few changes to make all of the core GitHub features free for everyone. Private repositories with unlimited collaborators are now available for all GitHub accounts, and we're reducing prices for some of our paid plans.

The details

* We introduced a new GitHub Free plan for teams with unlimited collaborators in private repositories, 2,000 GitHub Actions minutes/month, and GitHub Community Support.
* You now have unlimited collaborators in private repositories as part of your GitHub Free plan.
* Monthly pricing for our Pro plan has been reduced from $7/month to $4/month.
* Monthly pricing for our paid Team plan has been reduced from $9/user to $4/user.
* Actions minutes and Packages storage will continue to be free for all public repositories.

Learn more

Take a look at our FAQ or compare plans ( ) on our pricing page for more information on these changes.

Blah blah blah more crap...

GitHub, Inc.
88 Colin P Kelly Jr St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

A crummy commercial?

I was pretty disappointed that Microso - I mean Github would send me a crummy commercial without actually giving me the opportunity to express my interest [or disinterest] first. So I sent an email to asking why they felt it was appropriate to sign me up for a mailing list I never opted in to and I got this in return:

## Please do not write below this line ##

Hi there,

We now require that new support requests be created using our Support website:

If you wouldn't mind re-submitting your message using that form, we'll be happy to help out however we can as soon as we have the opportunity.

Please include as many details as you can. Once complete, click **Send request** to have the message passed along to us. We'll respond to you by email and invite you to reply to that as you would normally, should you have any follow-up questions or details to provide.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
GitHub Support

**Please do not reply to this email, as it will not be seen by our team.**

This email is a service from GitHub Support.

You know what guys? Fuck you.

The real problem is that almost all organizations assume that if you were foolish enough to let your email address fall in to their hands then it is fair game and any spam [marketing, Nigerian prince scams, or flat out irritating messages] are therefore your own fault. That if you want to never receive this shit you are basically screwed. It simply is not possible to interact with any online service without submitting to turning your mailbox in to a repository for any shit they deem financially in their best interests. Well Github, I'll say it again, fuck you.

Dear Github users, please stop using Github. There are self hosted and hosting provided alternatives that are run by less douchey organizations that also work just as well. Some may even have more options. Seriously, check them out.

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