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Just Some Pics 2020-04-12

I was doing a little digital housecleaning this morning and came across these photos. I figured I should save them somewhere so I am dumping them here. I also swapped around the way I define videos too. I used to have ogv files listed first and mp4 files second... seems my phone likes it the other way around. Anyways, here are the pics.

640-barneypanels Mike's Barney Panels.
640-fgod A Futurama reference.
640-jwoods James Woods in Rockford Files.
640-treeroots Found this in the woods.

720-0664 Some wanker dumped these.
720-crow Crow posing for my trail cam.
720-mg-20200309 Merrygold in the snow.
720-mishkaforest Mishka hiding in the bush.

1920-bittern-header Birders think these are elusive.
1920-coyote Caught in the yard.
1920-coyoteb Morning after the coyote.
1920-mt-lava-01 Minetest lava!
1920-relentless Killing me.
1920-samorost3 I really liked this game.
1920-scrot-01 From Samsara [2011].
1920-sunset-01 Feck I need the peace.

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