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People Are Monsters 2020-03-11

This morning I was out walking around my neighbourhood when I spotted some garbage. This isn't unusual, but it is annoying as hell. You see, there is a fairly constant stream of what I call tourists who like to come to my neighbourhood because they love nature. They love being out in nature fishing, ATV'ing, UTV'ing, dune buggy'ing, and generally making plenty of noise while leaving behind garbage in our drinking water. I'm sure it is quite obvious that a neighbourhood this rural would not have municipal water supply... right? I still fail to understand why people who are specifically coming to this area because it is "nature" would fill it with their fucking garbage. Are humans really so stupid that they really don't understand that when they drop things gravity doesn't make them disappear, it just leaves the shit on the ground? Here's what I brought home today:

monsters My name it is Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall.

This garbage is pretty typical of what I see here. Tim Hortons crap is very common, followed by cigarette packs and beer bottles or cans, followed by other various food containers. I find it particularly shitty that the Tim Hortons cup has a cute little happy face drawn on it to signify that it is happy garbage on the side of the road. Aaaww, good for it. The other major problem we have here is construction materials, or rather renovations waste. Douchebags seem to think that since the municipal garbage collectors won't take their renovations waste that it belongs in the ditches on my road. By weight, the renovations waste is actually by far the biggest chunk, but the Tim Hortons, smokes, and beer are there week after week after week.

The interesting thing in today's garbage pick is those cute little pieces of tubing with nails stuck in them. They are clearly designed to puncture tires or feet. The nails are driven in at an angle so that if they are just tossed on the road they will have a point sticking up at an angle, which maximizes the chances of puncturing anything that rolls over or steps on it. What kind of asshole goes to the trouble of making these things and chucking them on the road? I'll tell you what kind of douchebag. The kind of douchebag that I promise has at least one person in this world who would back them up as being a fine upstanding citizen who would never hurt anyone. It's not a death row inmate, a burned out opiate addict, or someone suffering the effects of refer madness. It is some rich goof who is gainfully employed enough to have the disposable income needed to make such a douchebag project worthwhile. It is someone who has justified in their mind the idea that it is okay to intentionally dump tire/foot puncture devices on the road.

Fuck humans.

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