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The Sens vs Leafs Rivalry 2020-02-23

Since I live around Ottawa I get to occasionaly hear about how awesome the Sens are. I also get to hear about how there is some kind of rivalry between the Sens and the Leafs. What causes people to lose their shit when they talk about sports is beyond me. Go find someone who lives in Toronto, has no ties to Ottawa, and likes the Leafs. Ask them about Toronto's rivalries and see if they mention the Sens. Anyways, it is my understanding that the Leafs recently lost their last game before the trade deadline to Carolina even though Carolina had to use a 42 year old zamboni driver [who works for the Leafs] as a goalie for half the game. That is pretty embarrasing eh?

sensblow I don't even know who this guy is.

So what would be more embarrasing than losing to a team with a zamboni driver for a goalie? Being the team that has never beat the team that lost to a team with a zamboni driver for a goalie. That's right, even though the Sens may have won a game or two against the Leafs in regular season play, let's see what happens when we look at the playoff matchups between the Sens and the Leafs. Here is a chart showing what has happened between the Sens and the Leafs in playoff series since the Sens returned to the league in 1992:

Year Result
2000 Toronto won series 4–2
2001 Toronto won series 4–0
2002 Toronto won series 4–3
2004 Toronto won series 4–3

Ouch. That has got to say a little about the Sens Army which has a tendency to go on about how "bad the Leafs suck". Being in Ottawa, the Sens play like the government works. They do just enough to get by, it bites them in the ass sometimes, but nobody ever really gets fired. That doesn't mean they don't have players from Toronto (or elsewhere) playing for them though. The current Sens roster has:

Pretty definitive of not having a preference to hire players from the local town eh? Kind of makes the "root for the home team" concept seem a little stupid no? Well, that's what you're paying for... I hope you're happy. On a side note, I was going to link to the web site but their TLS certificate is only good for which is ridiculous and there is no way I could link to such garbage.

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