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Update: Kitchenaid Ice Cream Recipe 2020-02-22

Well I am a moron. Last night I tried to make some ice cream but when I chucked the ingredients in the bowl I was in a hurry and put in SALT instead of SUGAR. I had not even noticed until I found myself wondering why the mixture refused to thicken up in the freeze bowl. Turns out, you CAN'T substitue sugar with salt... duuur!

Kitchenaid Ice Cream Recipe 2020-02-19

I have one of these fancy Kitchenaid mixers, and also the ice cream attachment for it. I have seen a number of recipes for making ice cream in this device and have been working on my own recipe based on trial and error. So I guess this post is a bit of a work in progress while I figure out the bugs and get just the right combination of ingredients. Basically what I am looking for is something that has chocolate and peanut butter, and this is intended to be [sort of] Kitchenaid specific, so if you have a different ice cream maker it might be a little different.

Ingredients list:

Measurement Ingredient
2 cups Heavy Cream (35% to 38%)
1 cup Half & Half (10%)
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Cocoa Powder
2 Egg Yolks


First make sure your ice cream mixer bowl is good and frozen. A full day in the freezer at least will help make sure it is cold enough. Seriously, this does not require significant effort and being "very cold" seems to help quite a bit. Then, start mixing:

  1. Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk them until it starts to get a bit frothy
  2. Secure the frozen mixer bowl to the mixer stand
  3. Put the ice cream mixer paddle in the bowl and the paddle gear on the mixer head
  4. Pour the well-whisked ingredients in to the bowl
  5. Run the mixer on the lowest setting
  6. Watch and wait
iscream I scream!

The mixture should thicken up as it cools. I have heard that the spring loaded gear head will start to click when the mixture is thick enough but mine doesn't seem to do this. I have also found that I should wait until the mixture is almost ready to start adding the little peanut butter cups that I have been getting at Bulk Barn.

I will write more soon.

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