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Facebork Broke 2020-02-16

I love to report Facebork ads. I know that most people just pass by them and mostly ignore them, but the human organ that allows people to do that just doesn't exist within me. I have no way to ignore things in general. Especially noises. Anyways, I will sometimes see the second item in my Facebork feed is an ad and I simply report it as spam. I mean, all ads are unwanted and all ads are spam right? Unless I am specifcially searching for something then any ad I see is certainly spam.

Since most folks never bother to "see" ads, they obviously never report them. So they'd never know that if you just keep reporting all ads as spam then eventually Facebork doesn't know what to show you. Their shitty software knows it has to show you SOMETHING, otherwise you wouldn't be contributing to their business model. Apparently Facebork was a little confused when it decided to show me this ad:

vietfb Snork is [sort of] feeling happy.

Clearly I don't know Vietnamese, and clearly I don't know NHA KHOA MINH TÂM. I am also pretty confident that I will never need the services of a Vietnamese dentist. This ad couldn't possibly have any relevance to me, even though I am sure Facebork would like to show me only the most relevant ads they can. I like that it isn't hard to bork Facebork, it shows just how bullshit they are.

Don't be afraid to hassle Facebork with constant reports of spam. Maybe you'll break them too.

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