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Disable Status Messages In Gajim 2020-02-12

In my continued search for a reasonable XMPP desktop client I have been trying out Gajim. I have been warned that it is buggy and crashes, but so far I have not experienced this. What I did notice is that it (like PSI+) likes to display an annoying message for every connection and disconnection to and from MUC rooms. If you only have a few people in the room it isn't that big a deal, and in fact I can easily see how this would be desirable. However, when there are hundreds of people in the chat room, seeing the individual messages about who is joining and leaving just drowns out the actual content and is a pain in my ass. Luckily I was able to find this bug report (well, feature request) for exactly this problem. In case the link ever disappears, here's the general idea:

This worked for me on Gajim v0.16.6 which is in the Debian Buster repositories. Now, let's see if I get any of those crashes I heard about!

mggrass Merrygold.

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