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Snork's All Purpose Spice 2020-02-10

I'm a pretty boring goof. So I don't mind if most of what I cook tastes fairly similar. As a result I have been making a pretty generic spice mixture that I use on all kinds of crap, including the beef and rice I had for dinner tonight. I use pretty much the same ingredients all the time but have slowly been changing the mixture and now I think I have finally settled on a fairly stable combination that I like. I'm recording it here so that I can refer to it quickly and maybe also so Duckie can make her own.

heylandon Screenshot from Planet Of The Apes.

There are no measurements in this list, just a parts count. That way anyone who wants to make this can simply replace the counts with whatever size of unit they like and still get the same combination. Basically choose a measuring device (I use a tablespoon) and then get a container that can hold at least 30 of your measuring device (I use an old peanut butter jar). There are 26 units in this recipe but you'll want some room to shake it up once you have filled it up.

Units Ingredient
1 white sugar
2 cumin
2 garlic powder
2 onion powder
3 cornstarch
3 cayenne powder
4 salt
4 paprika
5 chili powder

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