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Just A Couple Of Pics 2020-02-05

Nothing to learn here, just purely entertainment. The first pic is Mike in his old sailboat. He didn't want to have a fume-belching diesel engine in his sailboat, so he pulled it out and put in an electric. Then I helped him build this ridiculous looking frame out of cedar logs so we could mount some solar panels on it to charge the batteries for the electric motor. We got plenty of smartass comments from the supposedly old school yacht club members, but we didn't care. It pushes around the boat just fine, is silent as hell, and doesn't stink the place up.

barneypanels2 Sweet.

The second pic is one I was thinking of submitting to but figured I may as well get the intellectual property rights on this one. <insert roll eyes emoji here> This is a shopping bag that contained an electric blanket I bought online. The bad news is that the blanket does not warm up quite as much as I had hoped. The good news is, I got this funny Engrish photo.

innerlove Feeling violated?

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