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Fuck Off Facebork 2020-01-17

Facebork seems to think that I am very interested in tits. Perhaps Facebork just has trouble profiling me and defaults to an assumption that everyone likes tits and that since I am in the group "everyone" I obviously can't get my hands [and face] on enough tits. Perhaps Facebork is just overrun with people who can't take a selfie without including some tit bulge. Perhaps it is just a strange coincidence that so many bulging tits keep showing up in that People You May Know slider.

Here are some examples that came directly from the Facebork "People You May Know" slider:

fuckzuck1 Oh yeah, of course I know her.
fuckzuck2 Oh yeah, of course I know her.
fuckzuck3 Oh yeah, of course I know her.
fuckzuck4 Oh yeah, of course I know her.

Obviously I don't know any of these people, and to titillate anyone with the notion that these people "know" them is ridiculous. In fact, in bird culture that is considered a dick move. It is my personal belief that in general people love tits, and tits sell products. Need to sell a car? Tits will work. Need more people to look at your web site? Tits can help. Need attention? Tits. Unfortunately this creates a situation where anybody selling anything will just use tits as a marketing vehicle and everything just becomes tits. So I urge everyone to stop with the tits, and send Facebork an email telling them they should discontinue the "People You May Know" feature of their web site. 💩

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