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Leaving Integralhost Too? 2020-01-12

I have tried out a number of VPS providers, and have been disappointed by most. It seems as though they may start out doing a decent job but eventually become doucheholes or just plain don't have time to run a business that doesn't provide as much income as they had first hoped. Part of being a hosting provider is balancing between paying for your licensing and giving customers competitive pricing. I'm sure that competing with larger organizations that have a better-known name is rough. Ultimately though, when the story is over, you can bet the user will be the last to find out eh.

merrygold Not impressed.

LEB and LET are a couple of web sites about cheap VPS resources. I forget who bought 'em out but it is some reasonably large company that also sells VPS resources. They do a good job of saying they don't use their conflict of interest, but when a couple dozen VPS providers all went tits up at the same time the bandwagon jumpers were all over it. Anyways, aside from the name calling and cocksmanship, much of what they said is true. A pile of VPS hosting companies, probably all owned by just a handful of people, all went tits up at the same time and were kind enough to give customers a couple of days notice so they could back their shit up and find somewhere else to host it. In bird culture this is considered a dick move, even though they probably could have just disappeared one day.

Now... I don't know if this is related or not, but I also seem to be having a problem with Integralhost. On January 4th I submitted a support ticket to say that my credentials are no longer being recognized by their control panel, and I have yet to hear from them about it. That hasn't stopped them from sending me [automated of course] messages telling me that I owe them for another year of service. I mean, you'd think that if they really wanted me to rent another year from them that they would at least respond to my support ticket right?

10/01/2020 (21:58)


I don't understand, is this a way to avoid having me pay the renewal?

07/01/2020 (03:39)

I am still unable to log in and the "forgot password" link does not recognize my username.

04/01/2020 (00:06)

When I try to log in to

with the most recent username I was given [redacted eh], or the one I was originally given [redacted eh], I am told the password is incorrect. When I try to use the "forgot password" link I am told that "The Username You Entered Could Not be Found on Our System". I am currently unable to log in at all.


I have to guess that either Integralhost has also deadpooled with the other hosting providers or they just don't like me and have decided that they would prefer I went away. I do have a big mouth so maybe that is it. I would have assumed that it would be easier to just not permit me to renew my VPS and let it expire, but perhaps that would not be seen as properly passive aggressive. Perhaps the person who runs Integralhost has become sick, dead, or incarcerated and is unable to respond. Whatever the case may be, I guess I will have to let this one go too. :-(

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