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My Version Of Hollow 2020-01-03

The title of this post is a reference to a Pantera song from 1992 (back when Tool fans were OGT). It kind of reminds me of right now. It reminds me of a way I once described my vision... In the digital world the term "colour depth" refers to the number of bits used to disaply colours. The more bits used, the richer the colour will seem. 24 or 32 bit colour is commonly used to provide graphical environments, still images and motion video. Many moons ago my BBS used only 16 colours. Some computer images are shown as a sort of "black and white" by using 256 shades of grey. My world, is 256 shades of brown. The things that used to make the world seem vivid just seem to have slipped away, leaving behind a stained, sad, landscape.

The reason is because I'll never share anything about me. I may share a pizza or a ride to Costco, but not myself. Other humans simply do not see the colours I used to see. They took those colours away from me. Here is a clip from the 1957 movie Gun Glory with Stewart Granger and Rhonda Fleming.

Happy anniversary.

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