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Constant Ongoing Disappointment 2020-01-02

Somewhat recently I bought something online. This magical Internet thing allows me to use a computer to tell people hundreds of kilometers away to send me something in the mail. Unfortunately, the thing I bought still isn't here. You see, the mail here is delivered by Canada Post who have [according to Wikipedia] been doing the job for approximately 152 years. Even more unfortunate is that they still haven't noticed that this time of year is kind of busy, or at least they haven't come up with a way to deal with the increase in work.

sadface Nice job.

Now my purchase had nothing to do with Crapmas. I stopped buying shit people don't need long ago. However, it is my understanding that the Crapmas Delivery Rush is essentially because of wankers who buy shit for Aunt Linda just because she sends you something useless every year. Seriously? You don't see a way out of this eh? None of this is rocket surgery or brain science. Send Aunt Linda her crap earlier, hire some staff to deliver crap in December, or just stop being a whore for Crapmas.

Anyways, it's not like Canada Post is the only disappointment, it is just today's disappointment. There's also the propane company that couldn't be bothered to have it's automated billing system NOT bill expired credit cards. There's the phone company that wants customers to wait until the phone lines break rather than just get the trees off the lines. There's Walfart who opened their web site to "third party sellers" with crappy products and terrible customer support because they were not satisfied with being the world's largest brick and mortar retailer and just had to compete with Amazon. There's Facebork who continuously abuse the privacy of the people who use it. There's simply an endless parade of just letting shit suck.

Remember that time I let you down when you were depending on me? No, you probably do not.

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