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My Cheapass Sunglasses 2019-12-28

Many moons ago I bought a dozen pairs of sunglasses for around $60 off eBay. They even had cool flames painted on the sides of them which got me plenty of comments from people who wished they had glasses as awesome as mine. I am rough on my toys though and over the years the supply disappeared. Usually the lenses would get scratched up a bit, or the frames would get weak and snap. I've tried a few types of sunglasses since then and kind of like the Rapala ones I found at Walfart for $9. Problem is, my frames cracked of course.

My Shitty Sunglasses Man I am cheap.

I tried a little Krazy Glue on them, but they didn't even last a week. so this time I put some JB Weld on them and I am hoping they may last a little longer. Frankly, I am just posting this so I'll remember what day I JB'ed them and to see if Mike will read all the way through. :-)

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