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Recover The Path 2019-12-26

Not far from my place is a few dozen acres of government owned land that I sometimes use to walk the dog. She likes to chase the squirrels and sniff at the various gifts the other animals leave behind. The government goofs never come by to see their property and so it has kind of fallen on me to take care of it [sort of]. It isn"t exactly a lot of work but someone has to pick up the garbage and occasionally move the fallen trees off the footpath that runs through it.

recoverthepath1_th My blocked path.

It might not be so easy to see in the photo but this is a pretty big spruce that fell right across the path and even folded over itself so it is actually across the path twice. I want to remove the tree from the path, but I would like to avoid gasoline if I can, so I am using only hand tools. Yesterday I had a bit of a chop at it with a hatchet (just trying to take some limbs off) but it wasn"t going well. Today I took a bow saw and it went a little better. Perhaps tomorrow I"ll take a photo of the progress and maybe even do a little more cutting. The little bow saw works fine on branches and the very top of the tree but the bottom of that thing is pretty thick so I have ordered a fancy one-person crosscut saw to see if I can get through it. I think I"ll probably have to cut it in to around ten pieces to get it to manageable sizes.

To be continued eh...

Update: 2019-12-27

Here"s a photo from the other side of the tree. You can see on the left side of the photo that the top of the tree has been partially removed but that there is still plenty of trunk left to go. I didn"t do any cutting today since I had to drag the tripod out and am feelin" pretty lazy. Maybe if I have a nap I"ll be able to take the bow saw back out this afternoon and hack some more off it.

recoverthepath2_th Who"s that handsome devil?

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