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This Content Stuff Should Be Easier 2019-12-23

Yesterday when I was making my post about not being able to find a decent way to quickly pump out content [usually with a photo] without having to give rights to some corporation to use my content if they feel like it, I found myself thinking that it must seem like a worthless fight for most people. I mean I am lucky enough that I can setup some computer with a web server and write up some HTML and CSS crap to layout a page. Most people just want to click the button and send the message to grandma. How could they possibly be expected to manage their own content? Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'll ever see my face on the side of a bus because some asshole company figured they had some air tight licensing agreement... but giving them that right seems like a shitty thing.

duhdoy2_th Kiss my ass digital supercorporations.

In my mind [true or not] if you post your photos and rants on some unknown site like this one and then link to it on those social media sites, then the corporations that run those sites don't really have any claim to your content. If you upload your content directly to their sites though, you are essentially giving them a copy and telling them that they can do with it as they please (without telling you of course). Lots of people probably don't mind that, but perhaps they should. They will probably never see a picture of their grandma on the side of a bus either, but I guess it could happen. The fact that they probably won't use your content isn't the point, the idea that they intentionally give themselves way more ownership of your content than they need is the point. Fuck it irritates me that people don't care about anything that isn't currently gnawing their leg off.

I'll make you a deal... if you want your own web site where you can post your own shit, you just let me know and I'll see if I can help get you setup. I'll even do my best to make it as free as I possibly can. Seriously, just ask.

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