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The Elves Of Evermore 2019-10-28

My level of overall disappointment has kept me from posting anything lately, but thanks to a discussion about King Of The Hill earlier today I decided I wasn"t going to let October slip away without a single post. So in an effort to get a post out and to use to host the video... here is what you get.

In this episode Peggy purchases a bookstore in an attempt to gain membership in a book club. The plan backfires and she ends up letting Dale sell guns out of the bookstore. To support Peggy"s new business Hank tells Bobby to "go look in the adventure section" for a book to buy. He comes across The Elves Of Evermore series of books and although Hank doesn"t like it, Bobby continues to read it. Eventually Bobby finds himself fantasizing about being in the story. This is what happened.

Justice of the unicorn!

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