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Thanks For The Clean Water... Dick 2019-09-06

Sweet, someone must have been doing some minor construction and felt that our drinking water didn't have enough pressure treated lumber in it. Fortunately they were kind enough to drive it over here and dump it in our ditch. There were two cars, one was a silver sedan and the other I couldn't really see. As soon as "the lookout" saw/heard me on the four wheeler he must have yelled cheese it and they took off. Pat, who answered the phone at the municipality didn't seem to be very thrilled about being at work this morning as she took down my information and filled out a ticket of some kind. When I asked if there was a way for the municipality to do anything about finding out who is constantly dumping garbage in our drinking water she seemed surprised to find out that not everyone in the municipality is on city water and that maybe douchebags are polluting the wells of the people who live here. She did say that sometimes the city can go through garbage bags looking for something that could identify who did it. When I told her that the last time I pulled bags out of the ditch they were topsoil bags filled with horse shit her reply was "Jesus.". Yeah, you think maybe that's why I'd like to find out who is dumping shit [literally] in our drinking water? I hate you people.

lumberprick Prick.

Comment 2019-09-08:

Don't worry, they came back and dropped off the rest up the road a bit further.

Comment 2019-10-08:

May as well record this now.

Got a call from Peter Carroll at 613-539-5606 telling me that he came to my neighbourhood looking for the garbage this morning and didn't see it. Apparently he didn't know that the garbage was picked up on September 24th within four hours of my phone call to John Willing of The Ottawa Citizen at 613-239-3874 asking if they would be interested in doing a story about the incompetence of the City Of Ottawa and how they have left garbage sitting in the ditch for weeks completely ignored. Not only that, but they also mowed the grass in the ditches and filled in some potholes while they were at it. I called Peter Carroll back but he wasn't answering his phone and there is no voicemail service on it, so I couldn't tell him how his staff are lazy dunderlings.

Comment 2019-10-09:

This morning I called Peter's number again and got a female voice of Linda Something. Assuming that is not the correct number I looked up Peter's extension on the Shitty Of Ottawa web site and found 613-580-2424 x15240. I left a voicemail. Let's see what happens.

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